7 Days of Positive Thoughts Journal Printable

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7 days journal 7 Days of Positive Thoughts. This simple gratitude journal can be used for five minute daily journaling, in the mornings and in the evenings. 

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Practice daily with this 7 days journal of Positive Thoughts. The workbook should be used for at least five minutes in the morning and evening, for seven days in a row. See the positive results by the seventh day - notice positive changes in your day, your mood and your relationships with others.

Print out these pretty pages as many times as you wish! Fold in half your booklet and start your journey. What you get with this printable 7 Days of Positive Thoughts weekly gratitude journal:

  • Easy gratitude journaling exercises
  • "Delegate to the Universe", focus and intention journaling exercises
  • Meditation prompt - get a taste of mindfulness with a daily meditation practice
  • "What I like about myself and others" - journaling exercise
  • Booklets easy to print out at home in A4 or US Letter, foldable in half
  • Beautiful classical ornament illustrations intended to work as adult coloring book - doodle, color and take notes on the sides!
  • How to use this five minutes gratitude journal - instructions
  • How to print out the booklet instructions 
  • One larger US Letter booklet to print out single pages

7 Days of Positive Thoughts Journal Printable

The 7 Days of Positive Thoughts journal encourages you to build a habit of thinking positively for at least five to ten minutes each morning and evening. Try it for seven days in a row and see if you notice any positive benefits! It is very similar to the popular 5 minutes journal in that it teaches your brain habits of thinking positively. 

Basically, this version of my five minute journal is intended to be printed out and filled for seven days. Then you can decide if you want to continue by simply reprint.

By then you will probably notice subtle or more noticeable changes in your mood and point of view. This in turn changes small and big outcomes in your daily life.

In essence, this is an easy to use five minute gratitude journal printable. Do it for at least five minutes each morning and evening (preferably add another five or more minutes for the meditation) and notice the change. 

Gratitude Journal for Self Care

Gratitude journals for self-care are well-known nowadays in both neuroscience and alternative teachings like Law of Vibration. Whether you attest to one or the other, if you practice gratitude journaling for seven days, you will probably see the benefits very soon. 

7 Days of Positive Thoughts has exercises specifically intended for practicing gratitude. You do this by writing down what you like about yourself and others. This - in addition to what you like about your day. 

Journaling things to be grateful for is a habit you build. Along with positive thinking, it produces neurotransmitters in your brain that help you feel more confident, content, joyful, optimistic. As a result, you're also more insightful, resourceful and centered in the now, which is key to making better decisions. 

Stress and Anxiety Relief

Journaling techniques in general are super useful for building resilience towards stress. In addition to anxiety relief, writing down your thoughts daily helps you break the loop of anxiety-worrying that we all experience sometimes. Some of us are especially prone to getting stuck in that loop, which is a topic that very much interests me recently.

By journaling with the 7 Days of Positive Thoughts journal, you "teach" your brain to habitually pay attention to the positive, instead of worrying. When your brain is anxiety-free, there's space for solution-oriented thinking. However, coloring and doodling is also an anti-anxiety technique. Because of that I've made sure to design this beautiful journal to be extra pretty and work as an adult coloring book as well.

(Neuro)Science-Based Easy Gratitude Journal

In short, 7 Days of Positive Thoughts is inspired by positive psychology, Abraham Hicks and Law of Vibration. However, today these journaling techniques are also well-known to improve neuroplasticity. They do so by encouraging the development of pathways in the brain oriented towards problem-solving. In addition, gratitude journaling helps weaken old brain pathways responsible for anxiety, worry and looping negative thoughts. 

Because all your brain's energy can go towards worrying and anxiety, building a habit of positive thinking is essential. In essence, worrying is anxiety producing thoughts, and anxiety is a feeling that generates worrying as a coping mechanism.

Newest neuroscience research shows that focusing on positive thinking, as well as practices like mindfulness helps the brain favor problem-solving instead of worrying and anxiety producing brain processes. 

Journaling is praised as a powerful tool for guiding your thoughts and building positive habits. I made this easy gratitude journal so you can try it for seven days and see if it suits you.

Manifestation and Gratitude Journal

As I said, the 7 Days of Positive Thoughts 5 minute gratitude journal is also inspired by Law of Vibration and Abraham Hicks. Thus, in addition to its positive psychology benefits, you can use it for your manifestations.

Especially powerful is the Things I Will Do Today journaling exercise for manifesting. Because you ask a Higher Power to sort out your tasks for you, you condition yourself to expect them to be manifested. To manifest things, you ask the Higher Power (be it the Universe, Source or God) to do them for you.

Another key point is the third exercise. In it you are essentially asked to remember to guide your feelings and thoughts throughout the day. Consequently, if something good or neutral is happening, you are encouraged to feel better about it. In other words, remember to improve your feelings - raise your vibration

Basically, this concept stems from teachings like Abraham Hicks, Louse Hay and many more. They emphasize on improving the emotions. As Neville Goddard puts it, aiming for the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

Even if you don't follow Law of Attraction teachings, it is an interesting concept that may expand your ideas. 

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