Manifest Love With The Attract Love Abraham Hicks Journal Bundle

Manifesting love, romance and beautiful friendships with illustrated worksheet pages

Manifesting Love with Abraham Hicks’ Worksheets

My newest Abraham Hicks journal pages bundle is all about the art of manifesting love. In order to manifest love and romance into your life, you put your focus and intention on the topic.

This journal has the same Abraham Hicks writing exercises (processes), but with different, love-themed illustrations. They are themed around manifesting love.

In essence, the written exercises guide your thoughts, so they get more optimistic. This is Abraham Hicks’ (Esther Hicks) method, which is very similar to positive psychology.

Manifest Love by Visualization & Positive Thinking

But also, thinking positively is the root of Law of Attraction (law of vibration). To manifest love, you journal habitual positive points of view. Which in turn is how manifesting with visualization is supposed to work.

The goal is acquiring a habitual positive point of view that lets your thoughts and feelings “vibe high”. Thus, by doing the high vibration Abraham Hicks exercises found in the worksheets, you let your subconcious mind focus on love.

Love, Romance and Friendships

Attracting love into one’s life is a birthright of every human being. Love, however, can take different forms.

Perhaps for you right now love is more about friendship. So your heart’s desire may be more about manifesting a beautiful, blossoming friendship, rather than a romantic partner.

In addition, the feeling of love in it of itself is something we may wish to attract. For example – the emotion of love and compassion towards our own self. Truly a worthwile feeling to strive for.

Or, of course, you may be focused on manifesting a partner. That feeling of intimacy and true connection is indeed something that can be achieved only with a truly deep connection. A connection with someone who falls into the category of a soulmate, an extra-strong friendship. 

Romance or friendship – either way, the Attract Love edition of the Abraham Hicks journal pages might be just for you.

Why I Created an Attract Love Edition of the Abraham Worksheets

So right after I finished my original Abraham Hicks worksheets bundle, I thought there was nothing to add up. I believed the worksheets were fine as they were.

Since the journaling exercises (or Processes) comprised all law of attraction exercises suitable for writing and journaling, I left the pages as they were.

However, soon I felt the need for newer illustrations that expand on the theme of Law of Vibration in particular. So this was how I made my second, colored journal pages.

And finally, after a while I felt inspired to make this one journal about attracting love. In particular, to attract love into my own life. This is how the Attract Love Abraham Hicks worksheets edition was born.

The Printable Abraham Hicks Journal Bundle

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Abraham Hicks Journal for Manifesting Love

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