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I have finally updated my free manifestation wallpaper collection to now include two bundle packs of aesthetic manifestation wallpapers. You can use them as desktop, laptop, tablet, iPhone and iPad backgrounds.

Manifesting desktop, laptop, ipad, iPhone Wallpaper Bundle Set
The Affirmation Wallpapers are Available on Etsy

So in addition to my original free affirmation wallpapers with manifesting affirmations in retro iOS reminder style, you can now download a new pack of five manifesting wallpapers.

HD Positive Affirmation Wallpapers with Manifesting Words of Affirmation

My positive affirmation wallpapers are HD and high quality for all devices. I  specifically designed them for all resoltions and possible usage scenarios. For example, the 1290 x 2796 px phone wallpapers will fit any phone screen, while the HD 3456 x 2234 px desktop wallpapers will be suitable for almost any popular laptop screen up to 4K of size.

Both the new, as well as the old high-resolution backgrounds contain  manifesting words of positive affirmations for well-being, health, self-love and abundance.

Wallpapers With Thoughts of Positive Affirmations

I have selected some of my favourite positive affirmations with thoughts and quotes for balance and joy in mental health and physical and material well-being. These affirmations invoke spiritual and physical abundance, inside and out.

Law of Attraction Wallpapers & Backgrounds with Positive Affirmations

My first bundle of Law of Attraction wallpapers, the pastel flower pack, was made specifically with Abraham Hicks quotes and was more spiritual in nature.

An example would be the quote by Abraham Hicks, “Thoughts Become Things” wallpaper design, which is a very Law of Vibration quote.

Law of Attraction Wallpapers vs. Positive Psychology Quotes

So while the pastel asthetics wallpaper bundle is oriented towards manifesting and Law of Attraction, the new wallpapers contain universal positive psychology quotes.

Laptop, desktop, iPad and iPhone affirmational backgrounds by casuallyluxe
Also Check the I Don’t Chase I Attract iPhone Wallpaper Bundle

I was inspired to design wallpapers with generally-accepted positive psychology quotes, thoughts and ideas.

These affirmational thoughts spread a positive message for self-care, well-being and self-love and I think are universal.

Manifestation Wallpapers for iPhones, iPhone Wallpaper and Home Screen

I designed the free manifestation wallpaper bundle to fit almost any screen size, but specifically any iPhone out there. So if you’re looking for manifestation wallpaper and home screen that fits your iPhone, these are just for you. You can download for free HD 4K iPhone wallpapers with the affirmations fitting the iOS screens.

iPhone Wallpaper Sizes in Pixels

My manifestation wallpapers also come in sizes for android phones, as well as iPads. Both the iPhone and android phone wallpaper backgrounds are 1290 x 2796 px and maximum quality.

The only difference is the position of the affirmational message, which for me makes more sense to be higher up for iPhone devices.

Full HD Manifestation Wallpaper Pack for Desktop, Free Download

Download for free the desktop wallpapers for laptop – they are full HD, high quality and suitable for all types of desktop screens.

The desktop background wallpapers are 3456 x 2234 px in size, suitable for the 16-inch MacBook Pro laptops and close the 4K screen size.

Freedom from guilt and regret affirmation
  • I allow my thoughts to be free. The past is over. I am free.
Affirmation for self-care and healthy body
  • My body appreciates how I take care of it.
Quote for forgiveness
  • I forgive myself and set myself free.
Affirmation for Love, Self-Love and Inner peace
  • I am loved, and I am at peace.
Positive Thinking Affirmation, Positive Outlook
  • I only speak positively about those in my world. Negativity has no part in my life.
Free Manifestation Wallpapers for iPhone, manifestation affirmation wallpaper iphone HD 4K
manifesting iPhone wallpaper bundle

Also Check the I Don’t Chase I Attract iPhone Wallpapers

iPhone wallpapers bundle in the Etsy shop, with the I Don’t Chase, I attract” quote.

The second pack of affirmations wallpapers for iPhone and desktop will be available for a limited time, and then will be available in the shop.

Click to Download The Manifestation Wallpaper Pack

Free Laptop, Desktop Backgrounds - manifesting affirmations wallpapers retro iOS reminder style by CasuallyLuxe<br />
What You Get With This Free Wallpaper Download

Magical Floral Glimmer — Free Manifestation Wallpaper Pack

Download The Manifestation Wallpaper 🖤 Pack for Laptop, Desktop, iPhone & iPad

This is my original pack of free manifesting wallpapers I did some time ago. Since then I have re-designed them to include HD 4K iPhone wallpapers and basically all major sizes I can think of.

The Magical Floral Glimmer free manifestation wallpaper pack is in maximum quality resolution for the most popular devices, namely iPads, MacBook Pros, iPhones and all android phones.

Free Abraham Hicks Affirmations & Quotes

Back then I took a few famous Law of Attraction quotes by Abraham Hicks and I got the idea to design aesthetic manifestation wallpapers. For this free Abraham Hicks quotes bundle I imagined magical floral sparkles, centered, symmetrical fantastical images.

You can read more about each wallpaper below, but some of quotes the free Abraham Hicks wallpaper bundle include:

  • everything is always working out for me
  • thoughts become things
  • quote about emotions

The Core Ideas Behind Desktop Backgrounds With Affirmations

Affirmations serve as a powerful tool, not only for those who believe in manifesting and the Law of Attraction but also for a broader audience.

The primary goal of these aesthetic, pastel retro iOS reminder-style illustrations was to continuously rotate several powerful affirmations throughout the day.

As a result, every time you glance at your desktop or phone, you’re greeted with an affirmation that subconsciously penetrates mind.

Pastel Aesthetic Manifesting Wallpapers for iPhones & Desktop, iOS Reminder Style

Important to note that back then I was inspired by the retro iOS reminder style illustrations, and also a specific asian design style I really love.

However, my pastel aesthetic wallpapers can be a bit bright, if cases when you want to keep a bright screen. Thus, they are not the most battery-efficient types of wallpapers out there (in case that you care about that).


Click to Download the Free Law of Attraction Wallpapers

Free manifestation wallpapers laptop, desktop, iPhone, android phones and iPads. Free Abraham Hicks wallpapers
Ideas Behind the Free Desktop & Mobile Backgrounds

Free Affirmation Wallpapers —  Laptop, Desktop Backgrounds, iPhone Wallpapers

Positive Affirmation Wallpapers, Retro iOS Reminder Style, Cosmic Light Dark Aesthetic

These are my new free affirmation wallpapers, with affirmations and quotes about mental health, well-being and self-love. Background illustrations depict beautiful clouds in cosmic light in dark aesthetic style.

Manifestation Affirmation iPhone Wallpaper Dark Aesthetic, iOS Reminder Affirmation Message

This time I did my best to design the iPhone wallpaper set darker than my original desktop backgrounds. In accordance with this, I re-imagined a dark aesthetic iOS reminder message.

Free Wallpapers with Positive Affirmations & Manifesting Thoughts

You can see the quotes below, but all-in-all, some of the positive affirmations and thoughts for manifesting in this bundle include:

  • thoughts about thinking positive about others
  • quotes about forgiveness of self and others
  • positive affirmation about body-positivity and self-acceptance
  • an affirmational quote about freedom of thought
  • positive quote about self-love and inner peace

Click to Download the Free Law of Attraction Wallpapers

Free affirmation wallpapers for laptop, desktop, iPhone, android phones and iPads. Wallpapers with affirmations for manifesting, well-being and self-love

Enjoy Your Free Law of Attraction Wallpapers

manifesting law of vibration iPad wallpapers 4K HD free download
Quick Instructions

How To Change To New iPhone Wallpaper Pack

To change your iPhone wallpaper to the new manifesting wallpaper pack:

  1. Download your manifesting iPhone wallpaper pack on your phone
  2. Create a new wallpaper, select your photos and set them to Photo Shuffle
  3. Customise wallpaper Lock Screen and Home Screen to your liking – you can choose one picture for Home Screen, blurred or unblurred
How to change iPhone wallpaper to Manifesting wallpaper set, step by step detailed instructions
Detailed Instructions

How To Change The iPhone Wallpaper

To change your iPhone wallpaper, follow these instructions:

  1. Download your iPhone wallpapers via Dropbox, or from your purchase and upload them in your phone, if needed
  2. In your iPhone, select the wallpaper pictures you want to use and choose “Add to folder” for easy managing
  3. Name your folder the way you like, for example “Manifesting Wallpapers
  4. Tap and hold your lock screen to enter edit mode for iPhone wallpaper and lock screen
  5. Choose New button on bottom right
  6. Select Photo Shuffle icon at the top of the screen
  7. Change Shuffle Frequency to your likings. I like shuffle on tap, so I can change my manifesting background whenever I like, but you can choose hourly too
  8. There will be multiple choices selected. Choose Select Photos Manually instead and locate your downloads. Sort by Albums if you need to, and your Manifesting Wallpapers folder will appear
  9. Pinch and zoom each picture, as iPhone doesn’t fit them for some reason
  10. Select Shuffle Frequency if you didn’t at the previous step

For Samsung phones wallpaper set is quite similar, but pictures turn out centered and there’s no option to tap to shuffle.

Change Your Lock Screen and Home Screen

Last step is to change your lock screen and home screen, so that home screen is set to your liking:

  1. Select Home Screen from the Customise Wallpaper pair menu
  2. Choose Pair (home screen picture matches lock screen/screensaver picture), Colour/Gradient, or Photo (select a specific manifesting background to always be present
  3. Choose Blur icon to select whether you want your manifesting wallpaper to be blurred or not.


What’s an iPhone Wallpaper

An iPhone wallpaper is any image you put on your phone as a lock screen or a home screen.

iPhone Wallpaper and Home Screen

Basically, the iPhone wallpaper is what you see as a lock screen, while the same or similar image can be used as a home screen. iPhone’s home screen is where you see your app icons, and is usually a blurry picture (this can be changed in settings).

What’s the iPhone Wallpaper Size

The iPhone’s wallpaper’s size can vary depending on your iPhone screen size. Generally, for best results you must use a wallpaper picture the size of the screen, or larger.

What Are the iPhone’s Wallpaper Dimensions

Your iPhone wallpaper dimensions will vary depending on the iPhone model you own.

There’s some variance – for example, the iPhone XS and iPhone 11 will have a screen dimensions at 1125 x 2436 px and the latest iPhone 15 will have a screen size of 1290 x 2796 px.

Dimensions of CasuallyLuxe’s Manifesting iPhone Wallpapers

Since you need the best picture quality for your phone background, my manifesting wallpapers are all sized at 1290 x 2796 pixels to ensure that you’re getting the best experience out of your wallpaper. 

Will The iPhone Wallpapers Work for Android Phones?

Yes, absolutely – my iPhone wallpapers will work for almost any android phone. The proportions of some android phones are different, but generally your android phone will look great in these wallpapers too.

Can You Use the Manifesting Wallpapers on Samsung Phones?

Yes you can use the manifesting wallpapers with your Samsung phone. However, for the largest Samsung phones like the Samsung Galaxy Ultra 2022 , as well as the Galaxy Fold, you can expect some stretching.

For phablets like the Samsung Galaxy Fold with extremely pixel-dense screen sizes it will be best to use an iPad wallpaper from the pack. 


What’s The Best iPhone Wallpaper

The best iPhone wallpaper would be one that makes you enjoy your phone every time you use it. For me, right now the best iPhone wallpaper is made of images with thoughts of affirmation that I can change on tap.

Manifestation Affirmation Wallpapers for iPhone

A great way to get the most of your iPhone wallpapers is to use a picture with a positive affirmation of manifestation, or an overall positive message. Positive affirmations are written statements that convey positive messages to your mind.

Affirmation Wallpaper for iPhone

My collection of wallpaper with affirmations both here and on Etsy contains pisitive messages with verious levels of spirituality in them. The tricky thing about affirmations is that they can trigger an inner critic response of “this is not true”.

Thus, seeing affirmational messages can be a good way to notice your resistance in certain areas of your life, be it health, wealth, love, work, etc.

Manifesting iPhone Wallpapers by CasuallyLuxe

The manifesting iPhone wallpapers are a subset of the whole idea of having an affirmation on a wallpaper. You can have a positive affirmation your iPhone, without considering it as having manifesting powers.

i Don’t Chase I Attract iPhone Wallpaper

Some of the illustrations I have made on CasuallyLuxe over the years are definitely manifesting iPhone wallpapers, though. For example, the I Don’t Chase I Attract pink iPhone wallpaper has an affirmation that is definitely more spiritual in nature.

Where to Download an iPhone Wallpaper

There are multiple sources online to download iPhone wallpapers. You can download them for free, for example from here with my free wallpaper packs.

Can You Buy an iPhone Wallpaper

Of course, you can also buy online an iPhone wallpaper from various sources.  For example – Etsy, where I uploaded my first manifesting iPhone background back in the days.

Can You Have Multiple Wallpapers on iPhone

You can have multiple wallpapers on iPhone, as well as an iPhone wallpaper with multiple pictures.

How Do You Have Multiple Wallpapers on iPhone

To have multiple wallpapers on your iPhone, you can create a new home screen and lock screen pair. In addition, you can assign them different modes, such as Focus, Sleep etc.

Can iPhone Wallpaper Change on Its Own?

You can set your iPhone device to switch to various wallpapers for different modes, time of day, location etc. Important to note that for now Sleep mode will always dim and blur your iPhone wallpaper.

Change iPhone Wallpaper Automatically

In addition to changing different wallpaper packages, you can make your iPhone wallpaper picture to change from time to time.

For example, set it to change hourly to a different affirmation, or shuffle on tap pictures in your gallery. 

My iPhone Wallpaper is Blurred

This is most common with iPhone home screens as there’s a setting that automatically blurs your wallpaper. If you don’t wish to have a blurred background beneath your icons, you can change these settings from Home Screen and Lock Screen customise settings.

iPhone Wallpaper is Blurry

If your wallpaper is still blurred, you may have downloaded a low quality picture as a wallpaper. My pictures are jighest quality though.

Why My iPhone Wallpaper is Zoomed In

Your iPhone wallpaper will initially be zoomed in, which is an iOS feature. If your iPhone wallpaper is zoomed in, enter settings by tapping and holding your lock screen.

Then pinch each wallpaper picture to make it smaller and centered. Of course, you can zoom in the affirmation as much as you like.

Wallpaper on iPhone is Black

If your iPhone wallpaper is black, it is probably in Sleep Focus mode. You can’t have a colored picture with an iPhone in Sleep Focus, so either change to another Focus mode, or wait until tomorrow 🙂

Why iPhone Wallpaper Goes Black?

IPhone always goes black during sleep focus mode. It’s just the current iOS settings and you can’t change them.

Wallpaper on iPhone is Dark

In case that your iPhone wallpaper is dark, it is probably in Sleep Focus mode.

iPhone Wallpaper is Not Centered

Another feature of iPhone’s iOS is that it will not center your affirmation wallpapers even if they are the exact size of the screen.

You need to pinch each background picture individually, in which case the affirmational message will finally center itself.

Positive Affirmations for iPhone

Affirmation Pack for iPhone: Quotes Included

Freedom from guilt and regret affirmation
  • I allow my thoughts to be free. The past is over. I am free.
Affirmation for self-care and healthy body
  • My body appreciates how I take care of it.
Quote for forgiveness
  • I forgive myself and set myself free.
Affirmation for Love, Self-Love and Inner peace
  • I am loved, and I am at peace. 
Positive Thinking Affirmation, Positive Outlook 
  • I only speak positively about those in my world. Negativity has no part in my life. 
Free Manifestation Wallpapers for iPhone, manifestation affirmation wallpaper iphone HD 4K

Download the Free Affirmation Wallpapers for All Devices

Pick Your Device Type or Download Them All

Free iPhone wallpaper Dark Aesthetic, retro iOS affirmation reminder style Thoughts Become Things
Personal Preferences

Why iPhone Backgrounds iOS Reminder Style?

I got inspired by the retro iOS reminder affirmations, because the point of positive affirmations is repetition.

Thus, whenever you look at your phone, you see a positive affirmation.

This creates a subtle, yet powerful shift in your mindset that can have a lasting effect.

Pick Your iPhone Lock Screen Wallpaper Shuffle Frequency On Tap

I’d like to add a collection of iPhone wallpaper pictures with shuffle frequency “on tap”. Another way is to let them shuffle hourly, or pick one and go with it.

Choose iPhone Wallpaper & Lock Screen to Be Different

In addition, you can choose your iPhone Lock Screen and Home Screen to contain different backgrounds. Of course, to see the wallpaper on Home Screen you will have to uncheck the blur icon in settings.

Downoad the Manifesting Backgrounds

New Field

8 + 4 =

Free Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction iPhone Wallpapers

See The Free Abraham Hicks Wallpapers here, High Quality 4K for iPhone, Laptop & iPad

These are the updated free Abraham Hicks wallpapers, inspired by Esther Hicks and Law of Attraction. You can see below the Abraham Hicks quotes included in the bundle.

Free iPhone wallpaper Dark Aesthetic, retro iOS affirmation reminder style Thoughts Become Things

Free iPhone Wallpaper Dark Aesthetic

This is the dark aesthetic free iPhone wallpaper. This phone background is suitable for people who prefer darker screens.

Scroll down to read more about this design and the quote behind it.

Thoughts Become Things Law of Attraction Quote

“Thoughts become things” is a subtle reminder that our thoughts create our reality.

Another way to look at it is that the thoughts of yesterday created our today. Thus, today’s thoughts can create our tomorrow.

Free iPhone wallpaper Dark Aesthetic, retro iOS affirmation reminder style Things are Always Working Out for Me
iPhone wallpaper pink aesthetic, Everything is Always working Out for Me

Pink Aesthetic iPhone Background

This iphone background in pink aesthetic style has the Law of Attraction quote by Abraham Hicks. 

Scroll down to read more about this pink wallpaper and the quote behind it.

Everything is Always Working Out For Me Law of Attraction Quote

“Everything is Always Working Out For Me” is probably the most famous quote by Esther Hicks and the teachings of Abraham. 

This positive affirmation represents the idea that everything is working out for the best. 

free iPhone wallpaper blue pale pastel aesthetics

Free iPhone Wallpaper in Blue, Pastel Aesthetic

The blue iPhone wallpaper from the series also has the Law of Vibration affirmation about being responsible for what we think and how we feel.

CasuallyLuxe’s free Law of Attraction wallpapers and backgrounds are now available for all devices.

After multiple requests I had to redesign my original desktop backgrounds with law of attraction affirmations, so that they include iPhone wallpaper versions.

Free Law of Attraction 4K MacBook Backgrounds

The wallpaper bundle now includes free iPhone wallpaper and home screen backgrounds, plus 4K wallpaper sizes for macBooks!

Download for free my original retro iOS message affirmation designsbut now carefully exported for just about any type of use.

4K Law of Attraction iPhone Wallpapers

These 4K Law of Attraction iPhone wallpapers can fit any phone. I put extra effort into making the backgrounds suitable for the device, so they can look great as both iPhone backgrounds and screen savers. The size is suitable for the latest iPhones, as well as the older versions.

Whether you need a macBook wallpaper or any type of iPad background, I got you covered. Android users can also easily download the pack.

Retro iOS Affirmation Reminder Aesthics Wallpapers

This background set is inspired by the retro iOS reminder aesthetics, where the affirmation acts as a reminder and helps you repeat your positive affirmation.

I also designed the of  in pastel pink aesthetics and dark aesthetics and it is similar to my original Law of Attraction wallpapers.  All wallpapers are inspired by Law of Attraction, Law of Vibration and Abraham Hicks.

Things Are Always Working Out for Me Wallpaper

Download the Free Abraham Hicks Law of Vibration Wallpapers for All Devices

Abraham Hicks Quotes Wallpaper Bundle for Desktop, iPad and iPhone

Free Abraham Hicks Wallpapers with Law of Vibration Affirmations

Download the Free Abraham Hicks Wallpapers from Here

If you like Abraham Hicks art & affirmations, you will love these free Abraham backgrounds.

I was inspired by my favourite graphic design style at the time – celestial, light and airy illustrations with an Eastern twist.

You can choose from a few colour schemes for your desktop background. All are pastel aesthetics-inspired, however one of the backgrounds is black and darker scheme.

The artworks are Full HD and suitable for a large number of screen sizes.

Also of course, do check the “I don’t chase I attract” phone wallpaper.

For the I Don’t Chase, I Attract quote you can pick from multiple laptop wallpaper sizes. But you can also download sizes for backgrounds for iPhones and Samsung phones, for example.

Free Abraham Hicks Wallpapers for iPads, laptops and phones. Inspired by Law of Vibration

Here I have selected a few powerful inspirational Law of Vibration quotes and affirmations (also known as Law of Attraction).

The updated free Abraham Hicks wallpapers are suitable for macbook pro and are 3456 x 2234 px.

Law of attraction quotes in the free wallpapers are designed in iPhone reminder style. Featured Abraham Hicks quotes in the wallpapers:

  • Everything is always working out for me
  • Thoughts Become Things
  • I am the one responsible for how I feel
  • I attract the essence of what I’m giving my attention to

Thoughts Become Things Abraham Hicks Quote

Free iOS Reminder Style Wallpaper

“Thoughts become things” is one of the most famous quotes by Abraham Hicks. This Abraham Hicks HD wallpaper will help you be more aware of your thoughts.

According to Law of Attraction, every thought matters.

Our thoughts create our reality, so what we think of becomes our world. Thus, our world is what we think, manifested.

Free Abraham Hicks Desktop Wallpaper, Full HD for Laptop and desktop screens

Download you can download this free Abraham Hicks wallpaper from here.

Law of Vibration affirmation featured in this desktop wallpaper:

Reminder: Thoughts Become Things. 

Download the Free Law of Attraction Wallpaper

Free Abraham Hicks Desktop Backgrounds in Full HD

Everything is always working out for me! Being that this is one of the most popular affirmations by Abraham Hicks, I had to make a free wallpaper.

Undoubtedly this is an affirmation truly assuring in the powers of Law of Attraction.

This free iPhone message style desktop background will remind you that indeed things are always working out for you. Click here to download.

Free Abraham Hicks Computer Wallpaper HD

Everything Is Always Working Out for Me – pink Abraham Hicks desktop background, reminder with sparkly pink flower.

Download the Free Pink Abraham Wallpaper

Abraham Hicks Laptop Background: Blue Pastel Aesthetic iOS Reminder Style

Pastel Aesthetic wallpaper with an Abraham Hicks quote about emotional intelligence. Obviously the affirmation implies you’re somewhat in control of how you feel.

Of course, we’re not always capable of fully managing our emotions. But we can learn to get better at it. In that case we can proactively act, instead of react to circumstances.

Read below more about this free blue pastel aesthetic laptop background.

Pastel Aesthetic wallpaper with an Abraham Hicks quote about emotional intelligence. Check out below for the link.
Free Abraham Hicks Aesthetic Wallpaper

This pale pastel blue wallpaper has a very insightful Abraham Hicks affirmation. Particularly regarding emotional regulation and self-awareness.

Reminder: I am the only one responsible for how I feel.

A quote referring to emotional intelligence and our ability to control our emotions. In other words, despite our influence to one another, we humans are capable of choosing how we feel.

This free Abraham Hicks aesthetic wallpaper for laptops in pastel blue can be downloaded from here.

Download the Free Manifesting Wallpaper for Laptop

Free Abraham Hicks Art: I Attract What I Focus On

By downloading this free Abraham Hicks art picture you get one of the key ideas in Law of Vibration and the Abraham Hicks teachings. Specifically, the concept of mental focus as the vehicle for our manifestations. A free PC background to remind you that you attract the essence of what you focus on.
Free Abraham Hicks art - Windows PC backgrounds

Free Windows PC Background: Abraham Hicks Art

Another Abraham Hicks affirmation in this free art picture in pastel colors. In essence, the quote represents the core ideas of Law of Attraction.

Reminder: I attract the essence of what I’m giving my attention to.

This free Abraham Hicks art for Windows PC background can be downloaded from here.

Download the Free Law of Attraction Laptop Background

Enjoy the free Law of Attraction Wallpapers

And also check the “I Don’t Chase I Attract” Backgrounds

See this law of attraction quote on CasuallyLuxe on Etsy. This quote in the laptop and iPhone background is an iOS reminder style affirmation. A quote about manifestation saying “Reminder: I don’t Chase, I attract. What belongs to me will simply find me”.

I don't Chase I attract iOS Message Affirmation desktop wallpaper, HD laptop wallpaper, iPhone wallpaper preview

Do You Want an Abraham Hicks iPhone Wallpaper?

I hope you enjoyed my free Abraham Hicks-inspired wallpapers and especially the light and airy aesthetic style. In addition to that, you may apprecate my original Abraham Hicks iPhone wallpaper series.

The Abraham Hicks iPhone wallpapers actually includes a wide range of screen sizes for instant download. Check them out below.


Visit CasuallyLuxe on Etsy for More Abraham Hicks and Law of Vibration Art

Wallpaper I Don’t Chase I Attract

I Don’t Chase, I Attract positive affirmations reminder wall art featuring printable art, iPhone wallpapers and desktop backgrounds is available on Etsy.

iPhone Backgrounds and Samsung Wallpapers

The positive affirmations reminder with the affirmation “I Don’t Chase, I Attract” is a classic, but this is my own Sparkling Rose version of the artwork.

This wallpaper art features a luscious pink sparkly rose. Together with the affirmation, this pink artwork will luxify your iPhone 13 background or your PC wallpaper. Additionally, my printable artwork is available as a poster download, so you can use it for print outs too.

👇Read below the story behind this printable artwork.

🌠 If you like high vibration art, this printable art with an abundance-manifesting quote is made just for you. Designed in iOS reminder art style.

iPhone Wallpaper Is An Instant Prompt for a Positive Affirmation 

This affirmation is powerful. “I Don’t Chase, I attract. What belongs to me will simply find me” is an instant prompt to prioritize a positive outlook in life. By expecting things to come to us, rather than running after what’s not available, we create a positive mental model of the world. That point of view of abundance of choices rewards us with ease and flow. What others call good luck is simply everyday life for us.

Reminder: I don't Chase I attract Affirmation iPhone 13 background wallpaper HD
Reminder: I don't Chase I attract. What belongs to me will simply find me. - printable wall art in various sizes inches cm
Poster Sizes: I don’t Chase I attract iPhone Affirmation Reminder Printable Art, available on Etsy.
Reminder: I don't Chase I attract. What belongs to me will simply find me. - printable poster art
iPhone wallpapers and desktop backgrounds are available on Etsy.