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Your Visualization Meditation Morning Routine Should Contain These Key Elements — Printable Gratitude Journal

Your Visualization Meditation Morning Routine Should Contain These Key Elements — Printable Gratitude Journal

Your Morning Routine Should Contain These Key ElementsA morning practice involving meditation and visualization sets your day for experiencing successful outcomes. This morning routine, in addition to your Positive Thinking journal, is catered towards mental health,...

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Red Light Therapy for Depression

Red Light Therapy for Depression

Red Light Therapy for Depression: Battle Depression with LightBattling depression  is something we all go through from time to time. Some of us are more prone to mental health issues with depressive episodes. For us, fighting depression and anxiety requires a complex,...

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More About What I Do

I believe most of us have an innate need to pursue a path of getting better at the skill we all strive to learn – living our life the best we can. We have a freedom to choose from available options in this endeavor, and sometimes those options include picking a spiritual or therapeutic approach.

By learning more about our bodies and our minds we are better equipped to face life’s challenges, be more concious in our actions and be able to explain those actions, instead of mindlessly reacting to triggers.

Products Designed to Make You Feel Good

Any article, artwork or worksheet I make on CasuallyLuxe, is designed to be both useful and enjoyable to use. Some of my product ideas stem from LOA and Law of Vibration spiritual ideas, while others are use contemporary methods of therapy or just practical techniques that have proved to work well. 

Whatever approach you choose, read more about it here on the blog and maybe download some of the free resources, like the free Abraham Hicks wallpapers.

CasuallyLuxe — Design Services Professional Therapists

Graphic Design for Coaches and Therapists

That being said, if you’re looking for a fun mental health journal or affirmational wall art, you can always visit my shop; however if you’re a professional psychotherapist, personal coach, yoga teacher or simply have an idea for a printable worksheet set, send me a message. My extensive design background of over 15 years in the field may offer: 

  • Print Design services for coaches and therapists, for example – printed materials for self-development workshops and seminars, yoga retreats
  • Publishing Design for books, magazines for psychology and wrritten materials for your professional services as a therapist, councelor or coach
  • Full-Scale Website Design services with a professional developer and hosting services for your website as a personal coach, relationship and family coach, psychotherapist, marriage councelor, yoga and wellness instructor etc.
  • Branding Design services for your personal brand
  • Packaging Design 
  • Social Media Design

In addition, I’m open to collabs too, so feel free to write me here or on Casually Luxe’s Instagram page

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