Mental Health Worksheets & Trauma Workbooks for Self Therapy

Explore printable mental health worksheets and journals related to psychotherapy in general. For example – the It Didn’t Start With You generational trauma workbook for journaling and self therapy, which I made to use along with the book of the same name.

Trauma Workbook It Didn't Start With Your - Generational Trauma Therapy

It Didn’t Start With You trauma workbook for journaling and self therapy

CasuallyLuxe | Printable Workbooks & Infographics

Mental Health & Therapy Workbooks for Professionals

In case of you being a professional, you can use my therapy workbooks in your practice. In addition to that, I offer printable therapy posters that can also go along the therapeutic journey.

Transgenerational Trauma Worksheets

My It Didn’t Start with You transgenerational trauma worksheets can also be implemented for professional use. Transgeneratinal trauma, also known as generational trauma, is а type of trauma therapy that explores the emotional heritage in our lives and how that affects our current behavioral patterns.

All the exercises are designed with generational trauma in mind following the book’s recommendations. Any professional using this approach to trauma therapy can use the worksheets.

IFS Worksheets /  Infographics

Also worth mentioning, both the 8 Cs and 5 Ps of the Core Self, as well as the IFS Model Printable art are a great professional tool for anyone familiar with IFS therapy. They can be printed out in A4 or US-Letter and used as a reference.

My printable IFS therapy posters and professional IFS therapists’ resources can be found in the Resources for Therapists and Coaches shop section.


IFS Therapy Infographics Pack of Two

Click below for my bestselling Internal Family Systems pack of two posters for digital download. The two infographics are available in different formats and have a few designs to choose from.

One of the infographics depict the Internal Family Systems therapy model, while the other shows the qualities of the Self.

Internal Family Systems Model Explained

This IFS model is available as a print and both it and the 8 C’s and 5 P’s of the Self print can be used as worksheets.

IFS Therapy Posters-Internal Family Systems Poster Infographics by CasuallyLuxe

Positive Psychology Mental Health Worksheets

Printable & Available for iPads/Tablets

An easy to start approach to mental health journaling with positive psychology in mind is to start the 7 Days of Positive Thoughts journaling workbook pack. This upload is the ultimate mental health printable journal for easy, short exercises for positive thinking. Find them on CasuallyLuxe on Etsy as well:

Essentially, it’s as simple as a gratitude journal (or the so-called 5 minute journal), and its goal is mainly to make you stick to the 7 days challenge of journaling every day. Getting into the habit of writing every day is probably the hardest thing in working on improving your mental health through journaling.

Ultimate Law of Vibration Worksheet Bundle

A More Esoteric and Imaginative Positive Psychology Approach

Of course it goes without saying that you can also use the Ultimate Bundle for mental health exercises with a more spiritual twist.

If you are interested, you can check below the link to its digital download link on Etsy.

Designing Your Life Worksheets

Good Time Journal & Odyssey Plans

Designing Your Life Printable Journal Pages Instant Download - Odyssey Plan

This tiny tool for self-development will help you organize creatively your life, and is intended to be used alongside the book. 

Designing Your Life printable worksheets are available on Etsy as well:

Mental Health Worksheets Designed for Your Therapy Journey

Beautiful Mental Health Printables For You

My printable mental health journals can be used by both professionals and non-professionals. They were designed to be accessible and easy to use.

Wether you’re a therapist or an educated individual without a degree, if you are currently reading any of these books, you can download the printable journals to go practice along.

Many mental health printables out there are useful, but poorly designed. Because of that they offer a good-enough therapeutic experience, but the mind gets boggled down with cluttered graphic design and poor illustrations. 

My aim was to design and illustrate worksheets for self therapy that are both useful and beautiful. A key part of learning involves our visual systems, so having a clean and visually pleasing design is a must. 

Custom Graphic Design for Psychotherapy Professionals

Professional Graphic Design for Therapists

In case you a professional psychologist – for example, an IFS therapist or personal coach, contact me for exclusive prices for commercial use. I also offer custom graphic design for therapists at your request.

If you work in the area of self-improvement, you can count on me for printable tools. Whether you’re a certified therapist or coach, or a therapy enthusiast, we can work together on printable worksheets, posters and digital items.

Professional Graphic Design for Life Coaches 

Custom Graphic Design Services for Coaches

If you work in the area of self-improvement, you can count on me for printable tools. I offer services for life coaches, work coaches, or any mentor who needs to present their ideas in a well-designed manner. 

A Selection of Printable Mental Health Resources

Explore My Best Selling Printable Tools

Explore printable resources for self-improvement, designed for growth mindset mentality. Digital downloads suitable for iPad and GoodNotes journaling and easy to follow and understand. 

Mental Health Worksheets for Trauma Workbook It Didn't Start With You

Printable Mental Health Worksheets for Trauma Workbook

The It Didn’t Start With You Transgenerational Trauma Workbook is designed for the purpose of exploring transgenerational trauma.

In light of recent studies regarding trans-generational family trauma and the importance of checking one’s emotional heritage, the mental health worksheet PDF contains a number of useful exercises, ideas and writing prompts.

Read more about the power of self-therapy and self-examination with this transgenerational trauma workbook in my blog.

Mental Health Worksheets - Good Times Journal Oddisey Plan Printable Worksheets Designing Your Life Printable Pages

Designing Your Life Printable Mental Health Worksheets

Without doubt, designing your life isn’t an easy task. Then again, there are tools like this printable worksheet set that I designed for you to use along with the “Designing Your Life” book. Available as an iPad-compatible PDF, these journaling prompts for mental health will help you set your Oddisey Plan and create your own Good Time Journal.

Mental Health Worksheets Preview- 7 Days of Positive Thoughts Mental Health Journaling Workbooks for Self Therapy and Positive Psychology

7 Days of Positive Thoughts, Positive Psychology Workbook

Printable mental health worksheets in the form of a workbook for 7 Day Journaling with positive psychology techniques. Suitable for multiple prints so the journaling experience can be multiplied many times by seven. For the purpose of being easy to use, this workbook for positive thinking comes in convenient sizes like A5/US Letter-Half and A4/US Letter, and in different designs (like the original one).

7 Days of Positive Thoughts Positive Psychology Journal Mental Health Worksheets - Cover Image

Positive Psychology Worksheets – Printable PDF Pages

Particularly helpful for those who are in need of a routine around their mental processing. Originally, Seven Days of Positive Thoughts Workbook was designed to alleviate depression, negative thinking and anxiety attacks during the first wave of the pandemic. It became a source of inspiration for many other worksheets, and eventually for my Etsy store.

The positive psychology exercises are simple, easy to use and you can print the PDF as many times as you like for as long as you need it, or reuse it forever on your iPad.