7 Days of Positive Thoughts Mental Health Journal

7 Days of Positive Thoughts Journal Printable for Mental Health Abraham Hicks PDF

The 7 Days of Positive Thoughts Mental Health printable Journal is available on Etsy.

Seven Days of Positive Psychology Techniques

I started taking seriously Casually Luxe’s store on Etsy for one simple reason – I had created the 7 Days of Positive Thoughts Mental Health Journal and I wanted to share it with the world.

It all began with the Covid craze. Up until then I had uploaded just a few illustrations on Etsy, and then suddenly the quarantine journal era happened we were all stuck at home.

At this time I, like many other people in Sofia, Bulgaria, was locked in an apartment with very little options for movement and socializing. During these initial months all of us experienced a shift in our mental health for the worse. Particularly at one point even the city’s parks were prohibited for visiting. I distinctly remember walking through a huge, empty snowy park in fear of being fined. Restrictions felt suffocating.

Journaling with Abraham Hicks PDFs

Since I knew it was going to last at least for months (or so I thought), I started searching for Abrahah Hicks PDFs. I stumbled upon that one Abraham Hicks Mental Health Journal printable circulating around the web. This self therapy printable journal was designed to include a couple of Abraham processes and a lot of quotes for each day. I began using it and noticed an immediate relief in my mental state.

Consequently I noticed there were improvements to be made. In particular, those printable journal pages had some issues with the design and the layout. As I printed them out as worksheet pages I noted what was useful and what not in terms of size, look and feel. For example, some exercises seemed in need of simplification. Despite those written exercises being based on Abraham Hicks processes, they could use some editing.

Morning Ritual - 7 Days of Positive Thoughts Journal Printable for Mental Health Abraham Hicks PDF

How the first booklet design turned out.

Improving the Printable PDF for Self Therapy Purposes

For this purpose I began designing my own worksheets. Overall the previous printable journal for self-help was designed for 30 days, which I decided could be reduced. After all, I thought, 30 days may be too long if you’re battling low energy and mood swings. Why not use a seven-day workbook and print it out over and over? I began experimenting.

Eventually I had my own, improved version which I decided to design as a fold-in-half A4 worksheet pages. That was effectively an A5 printable journal that was easy to use as it was so small. Later on I would construct a similar version for US Letter folding to US Letter-Half. 

Inspired by Abraham Hicks Processes

The booklet I eventually designed had two sections for morning journaling and evening writing. Each section had exercises inspired by Abraham Hicks processes and positive psychology techniques.

It also had a prompt for a short meditation each day (which by Esther Hick’s standards shouldn’t exceed 20 minutes). However once again – the journal isn’t focused on particular teaching, it is just inspired by available techniques.

By then it was still for personal use mostly, so I was yet to design a US-letter half version or the booklet.

Morning Ritual - 7 Days of Positive Thoughts Journal Printable for Mental Health Abraham Hicks PDF

Preview of Morning Ritual and Evening Ritual – prompts for a short meditation. Also features self-development techniques for sorting daily tasks: Things I Will Do Today vs. Things I Want the Universe To Do. 

First Etsy Printable – 7 Days of Positive Thoughts Mental Health Journal

With this in mind, one morning in 2020 during one of the most severe lockdowns I suddenly had the epiphany. It all came as a wave of ideas. An inspiration of ease and flow.

All of a sudden I had the will to put together an Abraham Hicks PDF in the form I was already using. However, in this case designed professionally, with edited English text and my own illustrations.

At that point I was inspired by adult coloring books for self-therapy. For that reason I added my black and white line-art illustrations for the purpose of anxiety relief practices during the main journaling exercises.

Then I began designing that very day and by the end of the week I had a finished Etsy product. I uploaded the printable journal PDF listing on my store in Etsy in sizes US Letter and A4 suitable for cutting/folding in half. 

7 Days of Positive Thoughts Workbook

And now you can buy my mental health workbook here, along with other products. Of course, you can still purchase on Etsy too.

7 Days of Positive Thoughts Journal Printable for Mental Health Abraham Hicks PDF

I designed the 7 Days of Positive Thoughts in Bulgarian language as well. 

Later Versions of the 7 Days Printable Mental Health Journal

Consequently later on I would design a couple more versions of the 7 Days of Positive Thoughts journal. For example:

I also designed a version in Bulgarian analogous to the initial printable workbook.

7 Days of Positive Thoughts Journal Printable for Mental Health Abraham Hicks PDF

Preview of Evening Ritual journaling exercises for self-improvement.

So what does the journal contain?

So what does the journal contain?

Exercises Included in the 7 Days of Positive Thoughts Workbook

7 Days of Positive Thoughts mental health journal and self-therapy contains the following exercises. They are inspired by Abraham Hicks processes:

Morning & Evening Rituals

  1. Meditation for 5 minutes
  2. Things I will do today / Things I Want the Universe to Do for Me (prioritize your tasks exercise)
  3. Self awareness exercises during the day – how do I feel?
  4. What I liked and enjoyed today (evening ritual)
  5. Exercise What I like about myself (self love and appreciation technique)
  6. What I like about others (learning to find the good things in others and appreciating them)

PURCHASE includes:

  • American version, PDF file – workbook in US Half Letter size, 20 pages
  • European version, PDF file – workbook in A5 size, 20 pages
  • Bonus Zip file: includes BOOKLET versions of the PDFs, where I have made both PDF files ready to print semi-professionally on both sides of
  • paper, so you can have a double-sided book. This workbook is designed to be either an A4 or US Letter, folded in half.
  • Instructions for printing the BOOKLETS

Shop on Etsy

Of course, you can always purchase the my 7 Days of Positive Thoughts workbook on Etsy, alongside a few versions of it. These versions feature different illustrations, but the same exercises.

  1. Seven Days of Positive Thoughts workbook, Fall Illustrations
  2. The same mental health workbook, but with spring illustrations

Buy It Here

7 Days of Positive Thoughts Journal Printable for Mental Health Abraham Hicks PDF

Ultimate Abraham Hicks Processes Bundle, Color Edition

As I have said, the 7 Days of Positive Thoughts workbook is super accessible. You can use it even if you’re not into Law of Vibration or LOA and don’t believe in manifestations. 

However, if you’d like to dabble into Law of Vibration and Abraham Hicks, you may need something extra. That something is my Ultimate Abraham Hicks Processes bundle. Specifically my newest edition of the printable workbook, which is with color illustrations. Read more about it in the link, or visit the shop to order it for instant download.

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Do you work with Abraham Hicks processes? This teaching uses written exercises stemming from positive psychology and self-development techniques.

Up until now I have designed a whole bundle of Abraham Hicks processes in the form of printable worksheets. Check them below.