IFS Therapy Explained - Printable Poster Set of 2

IFS therapy is a relatively new type of therapy that is already gaining recognition. Click the button to see my original IFS Therapy Explained poster set, exploring both the Internal Family Systems model, and the 8 C’s and 5 P’s of the Core Self.

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The Ultimate Abraham Hicks Journal Bundle is undoubtedly one of the most successfull products on my Etsy shop, and for a reason. Inside you will find all high vibration journaling exercises (processes, as Abraham call them) in a collection of printable pages.

Thus, you can easily build the routine of doing the journaling exercises while reading the book Ask And It Is Given. In addition, my journal bundle is illustrated beautifully with illustrations that suggest positive vibration to your subconscious mind.

Finally, now you can find the journaling bundle here, on casuallyluxe.com. Likewise, you can shop it on Etsy too.

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