Abraham Hicks Workbook: Abraham Hicks Inspired Law of Attraction Workbook, Digital Download

The Ultimate Abraham Hicks Processes Bundle

Presenting CasuallyLuxe’s first Abraham Hicks inspired Law of Attraction workbook, which includes a high vibration selection of the 22 processes by Abraham Hicks. They are the ones suitable for writing or journaling.

The selection of the 22 processes includes all that are high vibration, intended for manifesting effortlessly. But the workbook also includes a few that help you raise your vibration from lower states.

Ultimate Abraham Hicks Processes Bundle LOA Journal Sheets

Abraham Hicks Worksheets PDF

Easy to Print on Paper or Use on iPad

The Ultimate Abraham Hicks bundle has worksheets combined into a PDF with links for easy use on digital devices. Beautifully illustrated, the PDF also contains a bonus free Emotional Guidance Scale by Abraham Hicks.

When used on a tablet or other digital device, you can click on links back and forth to the Emotional Guidance Scale, for a reference for your current state of emotions.

Of course, you can also print out on paper in A4 or US-Letter and do the exercises by hand. In this way you can harness the benefits of journaling by hand.

The Abraham Hicks worksheet bundle is intended to be used with Ask and It Is Given by Esther Hicks, or just with the instructions alone. It is also designed to be fun to use, with beautiful illustrations you can color in if you like.

The 22 Processes by Abraham Hicks: A Selection

Abraham Hicks Exercises

The illustrated Utlimate Abraham Hicks Journal Bundle includes written exercises like Rampage of Appreciation, The Creative Workshop, Virtual Reality, Book of Positive Aspects and many more. You can find a list of the included journaling exercises below.

Out of the 22 processes by Abraham Hicks, the exercises in the Bundle are the ones intended for writing and journaling. So these journaling exercises by Abraham Hicks are suitable for raising your vibration, both if you’re in low vibration and high vibration states.

Cover of Abraham Hicks Processes bundle PDF

Law of Attraction Worksheets for Journaling by Hand

Benefits of Journaling on Paper

Writing down exercises in a journal for manifesting is an important part of utilizing Law of Attraction. The act of writing is a powerful tool, as it manifests our thoughts on a piece of paper, which is an extra step in manifesting our desire. By writing and journaling with these Law of Attraction worksheets we take a step to set our intention to manifest our desire.

Of course, not all processes by Abraham Hicks out of the 22 are intended for writing and journaling. However, by using my selection you keep track of the most important ones in my opinion. By printing the printable pages with the beautiful illustrations you get in the mood to focus on your intentions. Thus, your power to manifest your desires gets an extra boost of focused attention

Emotional Guidance Scale PDF- Printable Abraham Hicks Emotional Guidance Set Point Chart by Casually Luxe - High Vibration vs. Low Vibration

Free Emotional Guidance Scale with Your Purchase

As a bonus with your purchase you get a free Emotional Guidance Scale chart that helps you keep track of your vibration state. it is crucial to know your emotions set point, because each journaling exercise depends on the state of your feelings. The Emotional Guidance Scale shows your current emotional state and the corresponding Abraham Hicks written exercises you can perform.ย I also offer a full-scale high quality printable version of the Emotional Guidance Scale by Abraham Hicks, but of course you can also order a physical poster of the Feelings Chart too.

Buy the Original Abraham Hicks Worksheets

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What You Get With The Abraham Hicks Journal Pages

List of Exercises You Get with Your Purchase

Upload Includes

  • ๐ŸŒŸ A4 and US Letter-sized pages
  • โœจ Clickable PDFs of the Abraham Hicks journal pages combined together, with easy to use page indexes for tablet journaling/iPad/goodnotes etc.
  • โญ Single-page JPEGs to use separately

Law of Attraction Exercises Included:

  • ๐Ÿ’– The Rampage of Appreciation
  • ๐ŸŽจ The Creative Workshop โ€“ My Body
  • โค๏ธ The Creative Workshop โ€“ My Relationship
  • ๐Ÿก The Creative Workshop โ€“ My Home
  • ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ’ผ The Creative Workshop โ€“ My Work
  • ๐ŸŒ Virtual Reality
  • ๐Ÿ“… 30 Day Meditation Checklist โ€“ to keep track of each day
  • ๐Ÿ“ Evaluating Dreams โ€“ sheet for journaling your dreams
  • ๐Ÿ“˜ Book of Positive Aspects โ€“ two pages to write them down
  • ๐Ÿฝ๏ธ The Place Mat Process
  • ๐ŸŽฏ Abraham Hicks Focus Wheel, illustrated!

Bonus Law of Vibration Printable Journal Page

What’s more, you get a bonus illustration, the new Emotional Guidance Chart, representing the swirl of vibrations that go from low to high.

This time the emotional guidance scale is with numbers, which makes using it with the exercises so much easier.

Choose Your Law of Attraction Worksheets

The Law of Attraction Worksheets Come in 3 Different Designs

Apart from this original law of attraction worksheet bundle inspired by Abraham, I have also designed two more different editions. These worksheet bundles have the same Law of Attraction exercises, but the illustrations convey different messages.ย 

Choose from the original LOA worksheets, the coloured celestial illustrations one, or the Attract Love edition:ย 


Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction Processes - Worksheet Bundle by Casually Luxe
Abraham Hicks Journal - Ultimate Abraham Hicks Processes Bundle LOA Journal Sheets
Ultimate Abraham Hicks Processes Bundle LOA Journal Sheets for Instant Download

Featured Law of Attraction Journaling Exercises

Top Abraham Hicks Exercises in a Complete Journal Bundle

Find out more about these law of attraction pages. Some of them are also available as separate products on Etsy.

The Creative Workshop

Visualize & Manifest Your Life Priorities

Particularly useful manifesting exercise, The Creative Workshop journaling exercize explore your priorities in life and help you manifest the most important. This PDF Worksheet has 4 pages for the Creative Workshop Process, featuring the four general themes in life.

Equally important topics in the exercise being the following: My Body, My Relationship, My Home and My Work. Each page features an explanation of the method of usage.

If you like this particular exercise, purchase a separate version of these journal pages here.

30 Day Meditation Checklist

An Illustrated Checklist

A single habit tracker-like sheet with checklist that helps you keep track of your meditations. This is a helpful tool for keeping track on your practice, whatever meditation method you choose.

According to this Law of Attraction method though, the meditations are simply staying quietly for up to 20 minutes, preferably in the morning.

The Rampage of Appreciation

A Journaling Technique of Feeling Better About a Topic

Rampage of Appreciation is an excellent journaling technique for feeling better. In another words, this Abraham Hicks process helps you “raise your vibration”.

It is said that this manifesting technique is done best if you write it down.

Virtual Reality

Abraham Hicks process also available as a separate purchase

Same with this manifesting method โ€“ writing it down in the Abraham Hicks worksheets helps you activate your thoughts in order to achieve a higher vibration. Following the Abraham teachings, the Universe responds not to what has already been manifested, but rather to your current vibration – unfortunately that is usually a reaction of the manifested things around you.

Virtual Reality: A Journaling Technique to Cultivate Positive Mindset

If you want to raise your vibration, you deliberately choose feelings that get you in a better mental position, and then practice these imagery to the point that they become your natural frequencies.

What’s more, this exercise sheet can be purchased as separate printable pages, in fact for a very low price as a set of 4.

Abraham Hicks Journal, Book of Positive Aspects

The Book of Positive Aspects

Exercise Amplifying Feeling Good

BOPA is an equally important Abraham Process that is in essence an exercise in Positive Psychology. You’re asked to appreciate things that are easy to appreciate in your life.

To put it differently, you don’t strive to find the good in things you already feel somewhat negative towards. Instead, you amplify the positive emotions about objects you already like and love, by writing them down in an Abraham Hicks journal worksheet.

In resonance with the Law of Attraction teachings and the law of vibration journaling methods, doing this improves your ability to project high vibrations into the world. Shop the separate Book of Positive Aspects on Etsy.

Abraham Hicks Processes for Manifestation - Placemat Process

Abraham Hicksย Place Mat Process

Delegate Your Tasks to The Universe Journaling Exercise

Certainly a great journaling exercise for those of you who are high achievers! The Place Mat process by Abraham Hicks is a powerful practice of letting go of the need to control and the perception that you have to do everything from your to-do list in one day.

How To Do the Place Mat Process

  1. Separate your printed page, or place mat, in two sides (as a matter of fact I have already done that for you, with beautiful celestial illustrations too!).
  2. One side is what you absolutely have to do today.
  3. The other – what you want the Universe to do for you.
  4. Fill your daily tasks on both sides as you like
  5. Watch manifestations flow, as the Universe does your tasks for you & things magically work themselves out!

Fix your overwhelming to-do list by downloading it from the Etsy store as a separate purchase.

Illustrated Focus Wheel Law of Attraction Exercise for Abraham Hicks Journal

Featured: The Focus Wheel

Abraham Hicks Focus Wheel, Illustrated

The Focus Wheel is probably one of the most famous Law of Attraction exercise related to these teachings. Here you can see an excerpt of the worksheets with the Focus Wheel and the numbering on the left showing when is the Focus Wheel exercises appropriate to do, according to the Emotional Guidance Scale chart.

Surely you probably already know how to use The Focus Wheel, but if you need a refreshment, check out my separate product with three beautifully designed starry night illustrations around the wheel to get you in the mood of focusing (which is most important and difficult with this manifestation process).

Alternatively, there’s a separate focus wheel template in the Casually Luxe Etsy shop.

Other Focus Wheel Printable Pages

Abraham Hicks Focus Wheel Packs

Abraham Hicks Focus Wheel - pack of three
Set of 3 Abraham Hicks Focus Wheel Worksheets
Abraham Hicks Focus Wheel exercise, printable pages
A separate Focus Wheel worksheet from the bundle, if you need only that

Focus Wheel, Manifest Love Edition

You can also check the Focus wheel in the Manifest Love Edition Worksheets, with completely different love-inspired illustrations.

For this Abraham Hicks worksheet bundle I was inspired by the topic of love and how to manifest love into our lives, be it romantic or platonic.ย ย 

The illustrations in this worksheet bring the message of love and affection and help you visualize the concept of love and being loved.

Focus Wheel Abraham Hick Manifest Love Edition, Attract Love Abraham Hicks Worksheets Bundle

Emotional Guidance Scale Included, with linked numbering

Even more, the Ultimate Abraham Hicks Processes Bundle includes a Law of Attraction-inspired Emotional Guidance Scale illustration in addition to the purchase. Peeking at it occasionally helps you determine your feelings’ set points and know whether your position on the emotions scale is suitable for each exercise.

Illustrated Focus Wheel Law of Attraction Exercise

Low Vibration vs. High Vibration Chart

Each law of attraction journaling exercise is suitable for a certain range on the scale. Some exercises simply won’t work if your vibration is in the lower range of frequencies! If that’s the case, pick a process that is better for lower frequencies. For example, the Meditation Process is suited for all types of feelings and emotional states.

Abraham Hicks Journal With Feelings Ladder Illustrated as a Vibrational Swirl of Energy

My illustration of the Scale shows the frequencies of vibration – easy to visualize, easy to follow! Furthermore, in this particular case I added numbering, unlike some of my other Emotional Guidance Scale designs.


Emotional Guidance Scale PDF- Printable Abraham Hicks Emotional Guidance Set Point Chart by Casually Luxe - High Vibration vs. Low Vibration

Emotional Guidance Scale on Etsy

If you need the scale for wall decoration as a printable poster, you can download it from my separate Etsy Listing. This digital download is uploaded as a large high quality print in sizes like 27 x 40 in (Movie Poster), 24 x 36 in (Architectural D, Large Poster), 18 x 24 in (Architectural C, Medium Poster), 16 x 20 in, A3 and other sizes in centimeters.

Other Emotional Guidance Scale Posters for Your Abraham Hicks Journal Bundle

By the way, here are some other Casually Luxe designs of the Feelings Ladder that will help with your Abraham Hicks journal pages. To point out, these printable posters are different from the newest Guidance Scale in that they don’t contain numbering and are more like a general assessment of where you’re at. See much of my newer designs no Casually Luxe.

Celestial Emotions Tracker Illustration

Emotions Scale, Celestial Art

Rainbow Emotional Guidance Scale

Emotional Guidance Scale Set Point Chart by Casually Luxe, according to Abraham Hicks' Teachings

Emotional Guidance Scale Set Point Chart – Rainbow Outline

Emotional Guidance Chart, Rainbow Edition

Eager to work on your manifestations?

Manifesting Journal PDF suitable for iPads and other tablets

Not Having A Printer at Home or Not In The Mood To Print Pages?

Download the Ultimate Law of Attraction Abraham Hicks Journal Processes Bundle as a PDF With Links

Journal pages exported as a clickable PDF, so you can use it with your iPad and GoodNotes or similar apps.


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