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Do Affirmations Work - iPhone Wallpaper Affirmation art I don't chase I attract

Spiritual Tools for Journaling & Inspiration

For manifesting and spirituality. Browse the more spiritually-oriented section of CasuallyLuxe, with various tools for journaling and inspiration. For example:

Abraham Hicks TeachingsWorksheets & Artworks

Affirmation iPhone Wallpapers

What Is The Emotional Guidance Scale by Abraham Hicks?

Manifestation Workbooks & Pages

IFS Therapy Posters by CasuallyLuxe - IFS Explained

Psychology & Science-Based Worksheets & Artworks

In case that your prefer a science-based approach to self-development, I also have a few bestselling printable tools based on various therapeutic modalities.

Everything Internal Family Systems Therapy & Parts Work

The 8 C’s and5 P’s of IFS Therapy, Explained

IFS Therapy: How to Talk With Parts

Internal Family Systems Parts Examples

Unconventional Therapy, Self-Therapy & Self-Improvement

It Didn’t Start With You Trauma Workbook

Designing Your Life Printable Pages

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Law of Vibration & Law of Attraction Printable Worksheets

Here you can find a selection of my Law of Vibration printables and Law of Attraction printable worksheets. Most of them are inspired by Abraham Hicks and similar Law of Attraction teachings.


Manifesting Posters and Wallpapers

In addition to my Law of Vibration printable worksheets, you can always read about my manifesting posters. My printable artworks for manifestation are great for any room, but also an inspiration for your vision board. Currently my blog shows mostly my free I Don’t Chase I attract Wallpaper.

IFS Therapy Posters

Internal Family Systems Therapy Poster Printables and Worksheets

Also, of course, my mental health art include my IFS infographics such as:

Internal Family Systems therapy poster printables explaining IFS therapy.

Furthermore, do read about the 8 Cs and 5 Ps of the Core Self via my printable posters. Of course, these printable products can always be used as part of your IFS therapy worksheets set. Buy them on Etsy.

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Your Visualization Meditation Morning Routine Should Contain These Key Elements — Printable Gratitude Journal

Your Morning Routine Should Contain These Key ElementsA morning practice involving meditation and visualization sets your day for experiencing successful outcomes. This morning routine, in addition to your Positive Thinking journal, is catered towards mental health,...

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Attract Love Abraham Hicks Processes Bundle

Easy to Use on Paper and iPad

At last, my latest journaling worksheet pages are completed and they are focused around the topic of manifesting love. Equally suitable for either manifesting a partner, or manifesting more love with your current partner.

According to Law of Attraction, focus is everything, and by letting your subconscious mind circulate around the idea of romantic love, you let love into your life.

Law of Attraction Journaling Exercises for Manifesting Love

Although these are the same high vibration Abraham Hicks processes as in my original Bundle, the topic is shifted towards the general idea of manifesting romantic love.

While doing the law of attraction journaling exercises, you’re also looking at the pictures, ideally colouring them too and engaging in a process of mind wandering. Thus, your subconscious mind is receiving messages from the environment. So by Law of Attraction’s principles, you’re attracting what you think about, in this case, attracting the energy of love.

Illustrated Journal for Manifesting Love

I designed the illustrations inspired by being in love, so they illustrate a passionate message of love and affection. The manifesting love illustrations set features red and black celestial line art. You can see a preview of some of the journal sheets on the Etsy shop listing. So if you’re looking for love, or you would like more love into your love life, the message gets through your mind.

Manifest Love Focus Wheel

The worksheets bundle includes a not sold elsewhere Manifest Love Focus Wheel by Abraham Hicks.

So these beautiful celestial illustrations are designed to draw romantic love into your life. Thus, by using the Manifest Love Focus Wheel, you’re sending positive signals to your subconscious mind, specifically around the area of love.

You can download the Manifest Love Focus Wheel as part of the Ultimate Abraham Hicks Bundle here.

Abraham Hicks Worksheets Love Edition With Custom Focus Wheel

The Love Edition of the worksheets come with a customly illustrated focus wheel. A separate pack of Abaham Hicks focus wheel sheets can be found in the shop too. 

Focus Wheel Abraham Hick Manifest Love Edition

Abraham Hicks Journal: The ultimate processes bundle, Self Help Mental Health Worksheets for Digital Download

The Abraham Hicks Journal Bundle is the ultimate way to practice law of attraction exercises (the so-called processes) from the book Ask and It Is Given. Carefully crafted and illustrated, these self help mental health worksheets are designed to help you go easily through the book. I created the printable PDF pages for the purpose of focusing you to perform with ease all written high vibration exercises. Furthermore, each Abraham Hicks journal page has numbering on the side to help you assess which position on the Emotional Guidance Scale you’re at, thus picking the right exercise for you at the moment. As a bonus, you get my newest illustration of the Emotional Guidance Scale Set Point Chart, with numbers.

Worksheets with Various Manifestation Journaling Techniques for Self Help and Mental Health 

Included inside are Law of Vibration processes such as: Rampage of Appreciation, The Creative Workshop (4 pages), Virtual Reality, 30 Day Meditation Checklist, and also Evaluating Dreams, Book of Positive Aspects, The Place Mat Process, Illustrated Focus Wheel

998 in stock

The Ultimate Abraham Hicks Processes Bundle - self help mental health worksheets PDF by Casually Luxe for Self Therapy and Self Development

No Need to Print Out Your Digital Download if You Don’t Want To

Ready to start manifesting at the comfort of your home? This Casually Luxe journal bundle is in the form of a digital mental health worksheet PDF too! Even if you don’t have a printer nearby, you can use the Abraham Hicks Self Help Mental Health Worksheets on your iPad or other device, with goodnotes or a similar app. PDFs have linked pages for seamless navigation between the Emotional Guidance Scale System and each Abraham process.

Self Help Mental Health Worksheets – PDF Downloads Included, With Indexes

Purchasing this Abraham Hicks Journal Bundle will give you a download of individual JPEGs in A4 and US-Letter, as well as two PDFs of the mental health worksheets with indexed pages for easier use. Check it out on Etsy, and also have a look at the other Abraham Hicks process bundles from the series. 

New Self-Help Tools by CasuallyLuxe on Etsy

I have added a few additions to my mental health art printables here and on Etsy. Following my original self-help journaling workbook I designed during a quarantine as a printable self-therapy aid for people in isolation, I made a few other illustrated worksheets. For example, the 369 Manifestation Method Worksheets (click for Etsy listings). As an older addition do check my mental health art section. But also the Designing Your Life Oddisey Plan / Good Time Journal Pages and the Trauma Workbook to name a few.

However, I wanted to embark on a larger quest of designing a printable worksheet bundle for mental health and self-development. This would become The Ultimate Abraham Hicks Processes Bundle.

Today my worksheet bundle for mental health has expanded to include a colored version with brand new illustrations. Also, read below about the manifesting love edition too.

The Abraham Hicks Processes Bundle

The Abraham Hicks Processes Bundle is a set of worksheets designed to be used alongside the book Ask and It Is Given. For the most part, many of the Abraham Hicks exercises (called Processes) can be performed while writing. So I made a worksheet bundle with a selection of 8 of the high vibration journaling exercises and manifesting techniques, the very best from the book.

Printable Emotional Guidance Scale

As always, I included a printable Emotional Guidance Scale to go alongisde the worksheets bundle. The EGS is a feelings chart similar to David R. Hawkins’ Levels of Consciousness Scale that can be especially useful for performing these manifesting exercises. Because Abraham processes depend on your mood, that is, on your level of emotions, it is of use to check where you’re at emotion-wise. So my printable journal bundle contains a version of the Emotions Scale.

What’s more, the digital version of the Abraham Hicks Processes Bundle has indexed PDF worksheets that easily lead to you the Emotional Guidance Scale. Thus, you can quickly consult with th Emotions Chart to see where you’re at before journaling. Especally useful for those of you who want to use the worksheets on iPads and other tablets.

Also, These Are Fun Journaling Pages!

Additionally, as always I wanted my manifesting worksheet bundle to work as an adult colouring book too. Thus, I made special effort to include an updated set of beautiful celestial illustrations for coloring and doodling. This makes my Worksheets bundle a fun journaling pages set for your mental health and well-being, Law of Vibration LOA-compatible.

Emotional Guidance Scale Set Point Chart by Casually Luxe, printable poster large high quality printable self help mental health PDFs

Emotional Guidance Scale Picture  Printable Wall Art

Printable Self Development Law of Vibration Poster for Digital Download

Originally inspired by the Abraham Hicks Self Help Mental Health Worksheet Bundle, this Emotional Guidance Scale picture is now available as a large high quality self improvement printable wall art on Etsy. I designed it to illustrate the swirling frequencies of vibration that go from low to high, in accordance with the Abraham teachings. Spiraling from bottom to top in rainbow colours, the illustration is designed to get you to imagine the frequencies. Doing so, you can easily access your feelings at the moment.

Casually Luxe’s self-improvement printable of the Emotional Guidance Scale is on Etsy

In addition, now you can purchase it from

22-Step Emotional Set Point Chart PDF Download

There are many types of emotion trackers and scales depicting high vibration vs. low vibration, however this emotional set point chart is useful in that it puts together various emotions in only 22 categories. Despite its simplicity, the scale is surprisingly effective in self-examination, especially combined with the Abraham Hicks Self Help Mental Health Worksheet Bundle. As a result of the clarity in the design, it’s easy to evaluate where you’re at, without wondering too much about your specific feelings and what their name is.

Ranking Your Emotions Based on Their Quality

Furthermore, the chart in this self improvement printable ranks emotions for their vibration. In this case there’s only up and down, unlike other emotion trackers which go in other directions like left and right, or don’t rank the emotions altogether. With this in mind, your feelings are easy to categorize for the purpose of self-therapy. You can climb the ladder, so to speak, with more understanding of where you’re at. 

Ready to check it out? See the Emotional Guidance Scale on Etsy

Emotional Guidance Scale Set Point Chart by Casually Luxe, according to Abraham Hicks' Teachings - Self Help and Self Therapy Printable Wall Art PDF
Emotional Guidance Scale Celestial Starry Printable Art by Casually Luxe Black and White Artwork 03

More Printable Self-Help Tools

Emotional Guidance Scale – Printable Wall Art, CeLestial Illustration

Another printable poster in my Law of Vibration & Abraham Hick collection is the Emotional Guidance Scale Celestial Art. This intricate illustration depicts the swirl of vibrations as the building blocks of the Universe. Also featured as a separate printable home art in rainbow colours.

It Didn’t Start With You Journaling Worksheets

A trauma workbook with self help mental health worksheets for instant download designed to be used along with the book by Mark Wolynn “It Didn’t Start With You”. Even though the ideas in this book are not completely scientifically proven, they still offer great insight. They are especially useful for anyone who seeks trauma therapy through looking in their past history.

His transgenerational trauma theory helps thousands of people around the globe to better understand the underlying trauma that shapes their lives.


It Didn't Start with You_ Printable Trauma Workbook for Self Therapy by Casually Luxe

The Trauma Workbook: Personal Journey

“It Didn’t Start With You” had a huge impact on my own personal journey, because it made me realize how a lot of my family history has a direct impact on my own personal interests and trauma from the past. By creating the family genogram suggested in the book and journaling in my own trauma workbook, I realized much of my personal issues were a direct result of inherited family trauma. 

Seeing that everything is interconnected and intergenerational trauma can very well be a thing, I designed my own healing workbook to remember the ideas in the book. These transgenerational trauma worksheets follow the practicality of the book. Exercises and illustrated graphs help you map out your family tree and understand where these false premises and ideas are coming from, so you can carve the path to self-therapy and healing.

Some of the featured ideas in the workbook: The Core Complaint, The Core Trauma, Constructing Your Core Language Map, Family Genogram and many more.

It DIdn't Start With You CBT Journal for Transgenerational Trauma Therapy

Healing Trauma Through Journaling

Is Transgenerational Trauma Real?

After the traumatic events in the Holocaust, some psychiatrists noticed that children of Holocaust survivors are prone to depression, anxiety and other disorders too. Now we know that there’s such thing as inheriting trauma from the parent via epigenetics changes in the genome. However, the self-healing therapy method in this trauma workbook with self help mental health worksheets goes beyond that. What this version of transgenerational trauma therapy suggests is that even non-genetic influences on our ancestors can have a negative result on us. All in all, this therapy aimed at self healing is helpful if you want to connect the dots between your mother, father and the rest of your family’s history, and your own therapeutic searches.

Journaling With Trauma Workbooks & Self Help Mental Health Worksheets for Self-Therapy and Healing

Working on your mental health is an important task. Healing depression and trauma is possible not only through professional help, but through journaling too. This is scientifically proven – trauma can be healed through training the body to react less aggressively to the traumatic story, and then a key component of healing – finding new narratives that are directly linked to the event. This can be done with a therapist or alone through journaling, and the second component is key to success.

Download this self-healing journal instantly in my Etsy Store.

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