LOA Gift Ideas: Presents for LOA and Abraham Hicks Fans

List of High Vibration LOA Gift Ideas for the Holidays by Casually Luxe

Finally – my Casually Luxe Etsy shop is preparing for the holidays! So if you need a high quality LOA-inspired holiday gift for someone in your life who manifests regularly with ease, my Abraham Hicks-inspired items in my LOA shop on Etsy may be just for you.

Be it Things Are Always Working Out t-shirt or a unisex high quality Law of Attraction hoodie, I got you covered. In addition – I have a selection of Abraham Hicks mugs now (mostly, also some law of attraction mugs as well).

Here’s a list of my Abraham Hicks and Law of Attraction-inspired items in the shop, to be updated:

Must be remembered: due to holidays and order deadlines approaching please order before Dec 14.

My Selection of Abraham Hicks Mugs

These Abraham Hicks mugs have stood up over the years in my shop. Unlike some other law of attraction mugs – those weren’t that successful.  Overall my selection of Abraham Hicks mugs works very well as a holiday gift* to someone who’s into Esther Hicks’ teachings. Some of my Abraham Hicks mugs:

  • Tuned In Tapped In Turned On Abraham Hicks Mug
  • Things Are Always Working Out for Me colorful mug
  • In the Vortex Mug
  • Manifest That Shit mug
  • Tuned in Tapped In Minimalist Black and White Mug (other colors available as well)
  • Things Are Always Working Out for Me black LOA mug

*All things considered, be aware that for this to be a Christmas gift you’ll have to order before 14th of December. Nonetheless, if you really like any of my Law of Attraction mugs, and it’s past the 14th, write me a message to check if there’s express shipping available.

Abraham Hicks mug in Blue Tuned In Tapped In Turned On
abraham hicks mug Things Are Always Wokrking out for me Mug Abraham Hicks Colorful Typography
abraham hicks mug In The Vortex Abraham Hicks Mug
abraham hicks mug _colorful Manifest That Shit Mug Cup for Manifestation Mug

Law of Vibration Mug: Minimalist Gift for Him

If you’re searching for a Law of Attraction / Law of Vibration gift idea, these minimalist mugs in black and white may be just for your male friend who likes LOA teachings.  Тhese minimalist cups in black and white hold simple, yet powerful messages inspired by LOA or Abraham Hicks. 

Abraham Hicks mug Tuned In Tapped In Turned On Mug Black and White
Minimalist Black Mug Abraham Hicks Cup Things Are Always Working out for me black mug

Abraham Hicks Gifts: Hoodies, T-Shirts

See below a selection of my Abraham Hicks gift ideas, exclusively quotes by the teachings of Esther Hicks. 

Shop Law of Vibration Gifts: Hoodies, T-Shirts

Aligned Hoodie by CasuallyLuxe
Law of Attraction tee shirt Always Working Out for Me by CasuallyLuxe
Always Working Out for Me White sign red Law of Vibration t-shirt
Things Are Always Working Out for Me Ladies V-neck shirt

LOA Gift Idea: Abraham Hicks ALIGNED Hoodie

Meanwhile, I just polished a bit my Aligned hoodie on Etsy, a LOA sweatshirt inspired by Abraham Hicks. Since December holidays and Christmas are now approaching, I wanted to renew some of my Etsy listings suitable for gifts. So the Aligned hoodie is one of my top picks for LOA gifts for people who manifest in their lives.

My sweatshirts and tee-shirts on the Casually Luxe store are minimalist and casual and utilize some of my Law of Attraction designs. Of course, the all-time favourite LOA t-shirt t in the shop is still my Things are Always Working Out for Me t-shirt in colourful typography.

The Aligned Law of Vibration sweatshirt is minimalist, elegant and unisex – a subtle affirmation that whoever’s wearing it intends to be vibing with the good vibrations.   

Aligned Abraham Hicks Hoodie LOA Christmas Gift
Aligned Premium Quality Law of Vibration hoodie
Black Law of Attraction Inspired Hooded Sweatshirt Aligned by  Casually Luxe

“Aligned” as A (Fashion) Statement

The Aligned affirmation declares a specific state of being. According to Abraham Hicks, “Aligned” means vibing with Source energy, so to speak. Meaning – “in high vibration”, or “in resonance”.

In other words, by Law of Vibration standards, being aligned translates into resonating in a higher frequency that’s beneficial to your well-being. Consequently, by getting into alignment, you’re raising your vibration in accordance with Law of Attraction and Esther Hicks’ teachings.


Delicate Embroidery on a High Quality sweatshirt

I designed this Abraham-inspired sweatshirt with the intention of it being a minimalist piece of clothing with a very subtle embroidery. As a result the “Aligned” sign isn’t too intrusive in both colour options. Thus, this high quality piece of apparel is affirming your statement in a very elegant way.

My goal while developing CasuallyLuxe high vibration art has always been to produce designs and items that are high quality, because I think this resonates with Law of Attraction and the teachings of Esther Hicks. As can be seen, my High Quality Stuff section on Etsy contains of items that are of premium quality. This LOA sweatshirt makes no exception:


  • Soft to the touch organic cotton fabric (fabric weight of 300 g/m²).
  • Double-layered hood, slanted side pockets.
  • Round drawcords with metal tipping and eyelets and other high quality finishing details.
  • Luxury and eco-friendly, made of organic cotton and recycled polyester.
  • 85% organic combed ring-spun cotton, 15% recycled polyester.

LOA Gift Ideas: A Sustainable Fashion Christmas Present

This LOA hoodie is a great sustainably produced holiday gift idea as well! Casually Luxe’s hoodies are high quality and suitable for sustainable fashion supporters.

As I already said, my premium quality LOA hoodie is made of a blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester. I picked specifically hoodies which are made of an eco-friendly fabric.

So if you need a Christmas gift for friends who are both LOA fans and conscious about the environment, this hooded sweatshirt with a Law of Attraction affirmation may be just for you.

Unisex Casual Sportswear by Casually Luxe

Similar to my Things are Always Working Out for Me t-shirts, this hooded sweatshirt is unisex, so you can gift it to any LOA fan. Just remember to size up 1 size if you live in the US, since the clothing sizing is Europe-based. 

Abraham Hicks gift series by CasuallyLuxe
Law of Vibration manifesting mug by CasuallyLuxe

Other Law of Vibration Gift Ideas in My LOA Shop

So if you’re looking for something else with cool designs and LOA-inspired, I suggest you check out my mugs for manifestation in the shop. For example: