Manifestation Workbook – A Journal Inspired by Abraham Hicks’ 22 Processes, PDF

Coloured version of the original Abraham Hicks PDF Bundle

Ever since the launch of my previous manifestation workbook based on Abraham Hicks’ 22 processes (PDF and individual JPEGs here) I had been thinking about crafting a coloured worksheets version. Though at first I decided to make little changes to the original, eventually I designed a whole new set of illustrations. 

Manifestation Workbook - Abraham Hicks 22 Processes PDF Journal Bundle by Casually Luxe

Abraham Hicks PDF Printable Manifestation Workbook


Presenting the new, coloured PDF (JPEG also included) of the Abraham Hicks PDF (also available on Etsy) for instant download.

Both this and my original Manifestation Workbook bundle only include those of the Abraham Hicks’ 22 Processes designed for writing and journaling.

Fully packed, the colored Abraham Hicks PDF bundle includes 15 pages, 8 processes and bonus Emotional Guidance Scale with numbers that guide you through the exercises.

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All Abraham Hicks Processes in One PDF

Easy to Use on Paper and iPad

Workbook PDF for iPads and Tablets

Imortant to note, the Abraham Hicks processes workbook PDF is suitable for iPads, tablets and other devices.

The pages are indexexed, so you can easily switch between exercises, as well as use the Emotional Guidance Scale as a reference.

In case you use a tablet pen, you can journal digitally too. 

The 22 Abraham Hicks Processes for Journaling

Not all of the 22 Abraham processes are suitable for journaling. In this printable workbook out of the 22 processes by Abraham Hicks I have included only the ones suitable for writing.

An exception may be the Meditation journaling prompt/checklist. It is a checklist that helps you keep track of your practice.

Your Abraham Hicks Journal Templates

So you can think of these printable pages as journal templates. Use them either alone, as individual pages, or as a single, large printable journal.

A great way to do the Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction exercises is to print out the journaling templates alongside reading the Ask and It Is Given book. They are super easy to use and come in both A4 and US Letter!

Bonus Emotional Guidance Scale Original Artwork

Included in A4/Letter Size

Emotional Guidance Scale Set Point Chart by Casually Luxe, printable poster large high quality print

Of course I will be remiss if I didn’t mention the bonus free Emotional Guidance Scale page that helps you use the exercises most effectively. The artwork features the swirling energies of vibration and is available as an individual purchase on Etsy.

With this printable workbook you get the Emotional Guidance Scale not only as a free bonus, but with corresponding numbers on exercise pages. Thus, you can easily check which exercises are suitable for your current level of emotions by noting the numbers on each exercise page.

In addition, you can also buy a physical poster of the Emotional Guidance Scale.

What You’ll Find in the Abraham Hicks Workbook

You Get an Abundance of Formats to Choose From

First and foremost, by purchasing this digital download you get a few packs of sizes and formats, so you can easily print at home or use on your iPad or other devices. What you get with the manifestation workbook by Casually Luxe:

    • 📓 A4 and US Letter-sized pages
    • 🖱️ Clickable PDFs in A4 and US Letter with easy to use page indexes
    • 📝 Single-page JPEGs to use separately

Law of Vibration Exercises Included

Also Available as Individual Downloads

List of the Law of Vibration exercises that are included in the workshet bundle; click on the links if you prefer to purchase the basic version separately.

Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction Processes - Worksheet Bundle by Casually Luxe

Law of Vibration Worksheets

Easy to Follow by Anyone!

This Manifesting Bundle is LOA and Law of Vibration-Compatible 

Even if you don’t follow Abraham Hicks’ teachings, you will appreciate the journaling techniques in this manifesting bundle as they are basically Law of Attraction and Law of Vibration-based.

The exercises are easy to follow and can be performed by anyone who strives to follow journaling practices that are good for the mental health. Focusing on the positive side of things in life has tremendous effect on our ability to tackle life’s challenges in an effective way.

Abraham Hicks workbook - fun mental health worksheets with law of vibration exercises by Casually Luxe

Printable LOA Journal Pages & Law of Vibration Exercises

By working with printable LOA journal pages we use the methods of Law of Attraction to “raise our vibration“. According to Law of Vibration (also known as Law of Attraction and Law of Frequencies) our thoughts emit energy that would then reflect on our reality.

A positive thinking approach slowly improves our own emissions, so that inevitably reflects on our world. We begin to pay attention to things that are working, instead of complaining about what’s wrong. Obviously, Law of Vibration has much to do with our ability to focus and sustain that focus (curiously, so is meditation in general).

Abraham Hicks Focus Wheel Included

Focus Wheel in the PDF & as a separate printable worksheet

Also featured in the PDF is the Abraham Hicks Focus Wheel. This infamous Law of Vibration exercise encapsulates what journaling for manifestations is about.

Essentially, the Focus Wheel by Abraham Hicks helps you shift your thinking about a topic you don’t feel so good about.

Focus Wheel to Attract Better Things in Your Life

The Focus Wheel is a particularly good example of raising your vibration – that is, feeling good about something.

In short, you’re encouraged to pick a topic you don’t feel good about, and slowly improve your point of view on it.

Illustrated Focus Wheel Law of Attraction Exercise for Abraham Hicks Journal

Download the Focus Wheel by Abraham Hicks

By the way if you need just a printable Focus Wheel alone, you can download it separately from here. As always, accompanied with beautiful celestial illustrations for colouring.

In addition, now I have a pack of 3 Abraham Hicks focus wheel worksheets available on Etsy. 

Abraham Hicks Focus Wheel: Printable Pages

Focus Wheel Packs & Individual Uploads

Abraham Hicks Focus Wheel - pack of three
Set of 3 Abraham Hicks Focus Wheel Worksheets
Abraham Hicks Focus Wheel exercise, printable pages
A separate Focus Wheel worksheet from the bundle, if you need only one worksheet

Digital Manifestation Journal for iPads and Tablets

Use the PDF On Your Device

Abraham Hicks Journal for iPad and Goodnotes - Preview

My digital manifestation journal offers both JPGs and PDFs for printing out at home. Alternatively, you can download the PDFs on your phone, iPad or other type of tablet.

The pages are indexed, so you can easily navigate through the index page and the Emotional Guidance Scale illustration. As you’ll read below, accessing your emotions before each exercise is important as some exercises require you being in a better mood.

Also Available: The Manifesting Journal, Love Edition

Abraham Hicks Love Edition of the Manifesting Journal

Attract Love Abraham hicks Journal Bundle by Casually Luxe - Love Edition
Attract Love Abraham hicks Journal Bundle by Casually Luxe - Love Edition
Attract Love Abraham hicks Journal Bundle by Casually Luxe - Love Edition
Ultimate Abraham Hicks Processes Bundle LOA Journal Sheets for Instant Download
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